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Cancellation Policy

We require 24 HOUR NOTICE to get a FULL REFUND or to ROLL OVER to another day. Any

cancellations the DAY of a cruise DO NOT GET REFUNDED OR ROLLED TO ANOTHER DAY. !!  Groups get a full refund of up to only 10 tickets the day before.  For 11 to 29 tickets refunded, you need to give us 3 days prior notice for refunds.  Refunds for 30-60 tickets need to give us at least 5 days notice for refund.  Larger groups of 61 to 90 tickets need 1 weeks notice and 91- 130 need 2 weeks notice for a full refund.  You can call or email us your cancellation.  386-402-1353 or

Bad Weather

WE DO NOT CANCEL CRUISES DUE TO FLORIDA'S NORMAL THUNDERSTORMS. DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS IF YOU ARE NOT 100% OK WITH THIS.  If the weather is very bad and we can NOT go on the cruise, you will be contacted and canceled and you will be refunded your full purchase price if you choose not to sail with us on another day.  We decide whether to sail on any given day.  Many times in the past we have canceled a cruise on the say-so of the weatherman and it turns out he was wrong and we canceled the cruise for nothing.  Therefore, we will almost always do the cruise.  Our paddle wheel boat is fully enclosed and protected from the elements.

Sightseeing Cruise
Daytona Beach Florida
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